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2.000 Ft

The topsoil is the basis of crop production, and thus also the basis of human life. But do we really know what kinds of processes are taking place in the soil? Are we familiar with the basic relationships which determine the success of production? Is it possible to preserve the fertility of soils also in the long run?

This book will help you to get familiar with and understand the life of soil: it clearly introduces the interactions working between the soil and the produced crops, and it reveals the possible ways of an intensive and environmentally friendly farming. The establishment of an appropriate soil life and the preservation of soil fertility has become a major factor of sustainable crop production. The bacterial manure-based nutrient supply provides a solution for this.

Apart from scientific knowledge, we would like to provide useful and applicable knowledge to both experienced and novice farmers via practical experiences. Our goal is to help you make agricultural production more efficient.

2.000 Ft

Ma 2018. január 21., Ágnes napja van.

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